Ali Pasha und die Musik des Epiros

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Ali Pasha und die Musik des Epiros
Ali Pasha und die Musik des Epiros Ethnohistorie der traditionellen griechischen Musik anhand fremder Reiseberichte des 18./19.Jahrhunderts und die rezente Überlieferung
The Albanian Vezir Ali Pasha Tepeleni was a famous Pasha and warlord between 1798-1821 of the Ottoman Empire, whose cultural activities influenced the traditional Greek and Albanian music of mainland Greeece till today. Many foreign travellers visited his court in Janina/Ioannina, capital of Epiros (Northern Greece), where a synthesis of South- European and Fanariot urban music mixed with Greek, Aromun (Vlach) and South- Albanian folk music was performed by Jewish and Roma musicians. This urban music has a genuin Greek "kommati”-structure of fractal dimensions (similary with the "skopos” structure of the Greek Islands), which is verified by comparative analyses, recorded during a long term ethnomusicological ... (weiterlesen)

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